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Mafia 3
Posted 1834 days ago by Naiboss

No Man's Sky
Posted 1890 days ago by Naiboss

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Mad Max
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Posted 2429 days ago by Naiboss

The Long Dark [Early Access]
Posted 2464 days ago by Naiboss

(Not So) Serious Sam 3: BFE
Posted 2730 days ago by KroFunk

Delve Deeper
Posted 2801 days ago by Naiboss

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The Road to E3 2015
Posted 2331 days ago by Naiboss

With E3 just around the corner, the hype train is already building up speed. 2K have already announced the sequel to the awesome XCOM: Enemy Unknown, imaginatively titled... XCOM 2.  Currently being developed for PC and due for release before the end of the year, the sequel is set 20 years... read more.

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Steam Cyber Punk Sale
Posted 2408 days ago by Naiboss

Looking to take yet another bite out of your wallet, Steam have just started their Cyber Punk Sale with the usual massive discounts on a huge number of titles.  This includes a number of rather awesome games like Satellite Reign, Jazzpunk, Deus Ex: Human Revolution and System Shock 2 The... read more.

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SteamOS Sale
Posted 2421 days ago by Naiboss

If you're looking for an alternative operating system to Windows but worried about the lack of games on other platforms... worry no more! The SteamOS Sale is celbrating the year's most popular games that are either already compatible with SteamOS, or soon will be.  These include the rather... read more.

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The Long Dark [Early Access]
Posted 2464 days ago by Naiboss

It's cold... really cold... I've got plenty of safe water but I'm down to my final energy bar and I've just used my last bandage... if I don't find some warmth soon, I'm going to die.  Rather than work my way back to the cabin I spotted ten minutes ago and risk freezing to death, I find... read more.

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Steam Holiday Auction
Posted 2503 days ago by Naiboss

The Steam Sale is still pretty fresh in our memories and they are already throwing something new at us...  This time, instead of using 'real' currency, you are using gems which can be earned by trading in Steam inventory items.  You can then use those gems to bid on one of a huge number... read more.

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Payday 2 - Crimefest
Posted 2642 days ago by Naiboss

Payday 2 has been seeing quite an influx of players in recent months, particularly since during the Steam sale, and the game has certainly changed quite a lot since it's release with a number of extra (free) heists being released alongside some DLC weapon packs. Not content to sit back and enjoy... read more.

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Steam Summer Adventure
Posted 2679 days ago by Naiboss

Just as we suspected, the Steam Summer Sale is now upon us, along with the Steam Summer Adventure! Not only are there new trading cards to collect that grant you new backgrounds, emotes and in-game items... there are now points to be 'earnt'. Everyone that either crafts a badge or clicks on the... read more.

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Steam Summer Sale on the way?
Posted 2688 days ago by Naiboss

Those of you that spend your time admiring your Steam badges may have noticed a new one has suddenly appeared... the Mysterious Badge.  You can already get cards by crafting other badges but the last time we saw a similar badge, a Steam Sale was upon us... brace yourselves (and your wallets)!

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Humble Bundle Weekly: RPG Maker
Posted 2700 days ago by KroFunk

Get your story told with upto $370 worth of awsome RPG Maker content, currently available on the Humble Weekly Bundle. ( Pay what you want for: RPG Maker VX Ace RPG Maker DLC Bundle 1 Skyborn Sweet Lily Dreams RPG Maker Games Bundle 1 Pay $6 or more to add: RPG... read more.

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Killing Floor 2 official!
Posted 2722 days ago by Naiboss

I love Killing Floor... it is, in my opnion at least, one of the best co-op FPS games currently available.  While the Left 4 Dead series (also awesome) has tight, well polished, story-based, four player co-op zombie slaying... Killing Floor has a gritty, class-based(ish), hard-as-nails, zombie... read more.

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State of Decay Breakdown
Posted 2884 days ago by Naiboss

Have you ever played an update or DLC, only to realise that it contained some feature or mode that you never realised was missing from the original?  As confusing as that may sound, that's exactly how I felt an hour or so into State of Decay's first DLC, Breakdown.  Gone are the story... read more.

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State of Decay (PC)
Posted 2886 days ago by Naiboss

Back in June I spent a LOT of time playing State of Decay, a zombie-survival open world XBLA title and loved it.  The blend of management, gathering and action was an amazing balance with a fair amount of replayability. This month saw the release of the PC (at last) and once again, I've found... read more.

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Does whatever a Spidey should!
Posted 3003 days ago by Naiboss

Things have been a bit too quiet recently... there haven't been any game releases that have got me particularly excited and work (that nasty thing we do to pay the bills) has been way too hectic.  Fortunately a few days off, a bit of sunshine and a Steam sale have certainly improved matters... read more.

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Hostage down!
Posted 3132 days ago by Naiboss

I'm a huge fan of Counter-Strike... I've been playing it for as long as I remember and, alongside the original Unreal Tournament, it defined my love of FPS games. Over the years, Valve have played around the with the formula that made Counter-Strike so popular.  The changes haven't always been... read more.

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Tired Ops 2
Posted 3138 days ago by Naiboss

Sometimes, probably more often than I like to admit, I look at the games industry and wonder who is pulling the strings.  Developers like 38 Studios/Big Huge Games produce something as massive, detailed and incredible as Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning (which I still haven’t reviewed as... read more.

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Don't call it Flatout
Posted 3157 days ago by Naiboss

In other, far more promising, news... Bugbear Entertainment, the developers responsible for one of my favourite 'racing' games, Flatout 2, have announced that they are making a new car racing game! With an in-game video that shows the sort of destruction you would expect, based on their previous... read more.

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There goes all my money... again
Posted 3253 days ago by Naiboss

The Steam Thanksgiving Sale is now upon us.  There are some crazy savings to be had on some great titles, including the likes of Xcom: Enemy Unknown and Sleeping Dogs.  New titles are being added every day and there are ever changing flash sales so head over... read more.

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FREE game from Rockstar (the best price)!
Posted 3446 days ago by Naiboss

Yup.... if you join the official Rockstar page on Steam before tomorrow and stay a member of the group till the 29th of the month, they'll give you a code for their street racing game, Midnight Club 2!  You'll find the announcement here:... read more.

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