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Mafia 3
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Mad Max
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The Long Dark [Early Access]
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(Not So) Serious Sam 3: BFE
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Delve Deeper
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E3 2018
Posted 1224 days ago by Naiboss

E3 is almost over this year and it's normally around this time that I attempt to write about absolutely everything that has happened at the show... and then stop writing completely (often without publishing what I've written).  So, this year, things are going to be a bit different; rather than... read more.

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Serious Sam 4 is coming to E3
Posted 1280 days ago by Naiboss

In a brief Tweet today, Croteam annouced that Serious Sam 4 is coming to E3 2018 and included a teaser trailer.  Take a look at the video below... vast waves of monsters confirmed!  

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E3 2017 - EA Play
Posted 1592 days ago by Naiboss

It's that time of year again!  While E3 hasn't technically started yet, EA have already had their own confrence, EA Play, and it had some great announcements and trailers. Star Wars Battlefront 2 Like many others, I enjoyed the Star Wars Battlefront reboot but felt it was a little... read more.

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Nintendo Switch - over 2.4 million units sold
Posted 1634 days ago by Naiboss

Despite some initial teething troubles, the Ninetendo Switch now holds the title for the biggest launch in Nintendo's history having sold over 2.4 million units worldwide (according to research group, Superdata) and with the imminent release of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, it is unlikely to lose much... read more.

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Time to (Nintendo) Switch?
Posted 1740 days ago by Naiboss

Nintendo have finally blown open the doors on it's latest console, the Switch, but is it enough? When it was first announced, I was quite excited about the concept.  It seemed like great idea... but the more details I see, the more wary I have become. Firstly, lets get the hardware details out... read more.

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Overwatch Free Weekend
Posted 1805 days ago by Naiboss

If you don't already own Overwatch but are keen to take a look and see what all the fuss is about... time to rejoice!  Blizzard have announced that the game will be having a free weekend on November 18th to 21st on ALL platforms. This is no restricted access either... Overwatch's full... read more.

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Mass Effect Andromeda
Posted 1806 days ago by Naiboss

We finally have more information about the next instalment in the Mass Effect series, Andromeda! On November 7th, N7 day, Bioware released a large amount of new information, a couple of new trailers and started the Andromeda Initiative. Andromeda sees you take on the role of a Pathfinder, a blend... read more.

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Red Dead Redemption 2 Trailer
Posted 1826 days ago by Naiboss

Aaaand it's live! Here is the Red Dead Redemption 2 trailer... and it tells us next to nothing.  Looks good though...

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Nintendo Switch
Posted 1826 days ago by Naiboss

And all of a sudden, we know a whole lot more about the Nintendo NX.  It's now called the Ninetndo Switch (dropping any link to the "Wii" branding) and it's a hybrid console due out in March 2017. As shown in the photo below and the video above, the single-screen tablet device has... read more.

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Red Dead Redemption 2
Posted 1828 days ago by Naiboss

It's official! Red Dead Redemption 2 is on the way, due in "Fall 2017" with a trailer on the 20th October at 11am EST (that's 3pm GMT) ... that's just 2 days away! No other details to go on yet although ony Xbox One and PS4 are show on the holding page... read more.

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Red Dead... something
Posted 1829 days ago by Naiboss

If anyone knows how to generate hype, it's Rockstar Games.  Yesterday they posted the following image on their Twitter feed and changed their background. As a result, the Internet promptly caught fire with talk of either a sequel to or remake of Red Dead Redemption. Then, today, Rockstar... read more.

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Titanfall 2 MP Tech Test
Posted 1890 days ago by Naiboss

If horses, tanks and deserts aren't your thing and you'd rather be piloting large, heavily armed robots... then good news; the Titanfall 2 multiplayer technical test is happening THIS WEEKEND (and the following one)... but only for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.   That's right, the glorious PC... read more.

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Watch Dogs 2 release date and location leaked
Posted 1961 days ago by Naiboss

With the official reveal just a day away, the release date and location of Watch Dogs 2 appear to have been leaked by IGN with an advertisement that went live early.  If true (which is very likely), Watch Dogs 2 will be releasing on the 15th of November this year and will feature a new... read more.

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Batman: Arkham Knight - Patched
Posted 2238 days ago by Naiboss

At long (long) last, the "interim" patch for Batman: Arkham Knight has finally been released. Now, after more than two months, people will actually be able to play the PC version of the game. The featured major improvements list: Reduced frame rate hitches  Optimizations for system memory and... read more.

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Homefront: The Revolution
Posted 2266 days ago by Naiboss

It's been a rough ride for Homefront: The Revolution; after THQ disappearing and selling the IP to Crytek; then on to Deep Silver and Koch Media when Crytek ran into financial difficulties to then get delayed into 2016 allow "every opportunity to turn [it] into a best-selling title."... you would... read more.

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Starwars Battlefront - Fighter Squadron
Posted 2268 days ago by Naiboss

The Battlefront hype train is definitely building up speed and if you weren't already on-board, this might be the moment you change your mind. One of the big complaints on previous Battlefront videos is the lack of space battles... something the Fighter Squardon mode, EA have just announced,... read more.

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E3 - Xbox
Posted 2318 days ago by Naiboss

Bethesda's briefing is a pretty amazing opening act... so what did Microsoft have to offer for their Xbox briefing? "The best line-up in Xbox history" apparently... Halo 5: Guardians New footage for the title, including some multiplayer.  Due for release on the 27th October this year Forza... read more.

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E3 - Bethesda
Posted 2318 days ago by Naiboss

This year's E3 is looking amazing and Bethesda kicked things off with quite a briefing.  Here's a quick recap: Doom Due for release in the first quarter of next year, it finally looks like they are taking Doom back to it's roots but with a shiny new coat of paint.  Big guns, fast bloody... read more.

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Fallout 4
Posted 2331 days ago by Naiboss

So Fallout 4 is now official (for those that value the validation) and there's a nice shiny trailer giving you a glimpse into the new world. More information, including a look at the game itself, has been promised for Beshesda's E3 showcase on the 14th of June but you can already pre-order the game... read more.

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The Road to E3 2015
Posted 2331 days ago by Naiboss

With E3 just around the corner, the hype train is already building up speed. 2K have already announced the sequel to the awesome XCOM: Enemy Unknown, imaginatively titled... XCOM 2.  Currently being developed for PC and due for release before the end of the year, the sequel is set 20 years... read more.

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Wildstar is going Free-2-Play
Posted 2337 days ago by Naiboss

In a move that should surprise no-one, but please a great deal of people (including myself), NC Soft have finally announced that Wildstar will be going Free-2-Play later in the year! They have published quite an extensive post detailing their plan but, as with a number of F2P games, the general... read more.

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Assassin's Creed Syndicate
Posted 2352 days ago by Naiboss

The latest installment in the Assassin's Creed series has finally stepped out of the shadows and revealed its name as Assassin's Creed Syndicate, not Victory as previously reported. Set in Victorian London during 1868 the single-player adenture will see you steer the top hat wearing, cocky... read more.

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Play4Free titles closing on July 14th
Posted 2379 days ago by Naiboss

A number (well, almost all) of EA's free-to-play titles will be winding down over the next 90 days, according to a statement released yesterday. Battlefield Play4Free, Battlefield Heroes, Need for Speed World and FIFA World will all close down on Tuesday the 14th of July. The player responses to... read more.

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GTA 5 is almost here!
Posted 2382 days ago by Naiboss

GTA 5 is just a few hours away from release and, personally, I can't wait. While you watch that timer countdown, there are a couple of things you might wish to do... Firstly, update your graphics drivers.  Both AMD and nVidia have released new drivers specifically for GTA 5 and they should be... read more.

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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided revealed
Posted 2387 days ago by Naiboss

In case you've missed it, for the last couple of days Square Enix have been running a live stream of... a man in a cell.  That's right, and it's exciting as it sounds, even with the ability to switch cameras (you can find it here: ).  It... read more.

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Twitch hacked!
Posted 2402 days ago by Naiboss, probably the largest video streaming hub on the Internet, have announced that "there may have been unauthorised access to some Twitch user account information".  Which, as you can imagine, is great news. For the majority of users, this means that they have expired your passwords and... read more.

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Carmageddon Reincarnation release date!
Posted 2407 days ago by Naiboss

Cast your mind back.... waaaay back... no, further than that (I'm talking about June, 2012)... and you might just recall that a successful Kickstarter campaign saw Carmageddon's return get an initial release date of February 2013. That date came and went, mobile versions of the original... read more.

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Steam Cyber Punk Sale
Posted 2408 days ago by Naiboss

Looking to take yet another bite out of your wallet, Steam have just started their Cyber Punk Sale with the usual massive discounts on a huge number of titles.  This includes a number of rather awesome games like Satellite Reign, Jazzpunk, Deus Ex: Human Revolution and System Shock 2 The... read more.

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Titanfall DLC now free!
Posted 2414 days ago by Naiboss

In celebration of the one-year anniversary of Titanfall, Respawn Entertainment have released all of the DLC for free! The easiest way to get hold of all three DLC packs is to buy the Season Pass (links below).   Season Pass Includes:  Expedition  Featuring three all-new maps:... read more.

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Rock Band 4
Posted 2421 days ago by Naiboss

In news that shouldn't really come as a surprise (given the number of rumours that have been doing the rounds), Harmonix have finally announced that Rock Band 4 is on the way for Xbox One and PS4. They've teamed up with Mad Catz to provide the hardware and if you happen to be at PAX East this... read more.

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SteamOS Sale
Posted 2421 days ago by Naiboss

If you're looking for an alternative operating system to Windows but worried about the lack of games on other platforms... worry no more! The SteamOS Sale is celbrating the year's most popular games that are either already compatible with SteamOS, or soon will be.  These include the rather... read more.

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On The House - March
Posted 2422 days ago by Naiboss

Bullfrog's awesome isometric death-dealing cyborg squad simulator, Syndicate, is this month's 'On The House' game from Origin/EA. Released way back in 1993 (when Peter Molyneux was good), the game throws you into a cyberpunk future and puts you in charge of a corporation, sending your squad of four... read more.

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ClayFighter Remastered coming for PC in 2016
Posted 2423 days ago by KroFunk

Interplay and Drip Drop Games are hard at work on remastering Interplay's classic fighting game series, ClayFighter! The game will be packed with the best of all previous ClayFighter titles, including: Characters such as Bad Mr. Frosty, Blue Suede Goo, Earthworm Jim, Hoppy, Boogerman, Tiny - and... read more.

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Guess what? GTA V for PC delayed AGAIN
Posted 2430 days ago by Naiboss

Yup, that's right... GTA V on PC is now due on April 14th, three weeks after the last release date they gave out. While I'm not too worried about the delay (I'd much rather have a solid late release than an early broken one), I can't help wondering what they are hoping to achieve in those extra... read more.

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nVidia GeForce Experience broken
Posted 2443 days ago by Naiboss

If you happen to be running nVidia's central application, GeForce Experience, don't be surprised if you are encountering a few issues this evening.  A lot of users are currently finding that the software is simply reporting an error and crashing back to the desktop. While the cause isn't... read more.

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Bethesda's First-Ever E3 Conference
Posted 2444 days ago by Naiboss

In rather surprising news, Bethesda have just announced that they will be hosting their first-ever E3 showcase in Hollywood, CA on June 14th and they've even saved a some seats for a few fans! Could this finally be the Fallout 4 reveal that everyone has been waiting for?!? It could, of course, be... read more.

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SOE sold!
Posted 2451 days ago by Naiboss

Coming as a bit of surprise news, Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) have been sold off by Sony to Columbus Nove, an investment management firm.  Under the new ownership they have been rebrnaded as Daybreak Game Company. SOE/Daybreak have a wide range of current titles, including Planetside 2, DC... read more.

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The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited
Posted 2463 days ago by Naiboss

In an announcement that surprised absolutely no-one, Bethesda/Zenimax have revealed that The Elder Scrolls Online will be going free-to-play for PC/Mac players on March 17th and launching on both PS4 and Xbox One on June 9th under the extended title of "The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited".... read more.

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Robotoki closes it's doors... for now
Posted 2464 days ago by Naiboss

Sadly, studio founder, Robert Bowling, announced on Twitter yesterday that Robotoki have ceased all operations and have put all development, including the much anticpated Human Element, on hiatus. Robotoki opened back in April 2012 following Robert Bowling's rather sudden departure from... read more.

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GTA V (PC) Delayed... again
Posted 2472 days ago by Naiboss

Suprising absolutely no-one, Rockstar Games have just announced that the PC version of GTA V has now been delayed until March 24th to allow for extra polish and testing.  Hopefully this does mean that the release is almost completely bug free! The good news to come out of the announcement,... read more.

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Overwatch [Updated]
Posted 2538 days ago by Naiboss

Rumours for it have been floating around for a while after Blizzard filed a trademark for the name Overwatch but now we know exactly what it is and have even seen some gameplay footage! Overwatch is a dynamic, over-the-top, team-based multiplayer shooter with numerous different characters... read more.

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Call of Duty Advanced Warfare - Multiplayer
Posted 2626 days ago by Naiboss

Gamescom has kicked off this year with the multiplayer reveal of Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. If you've missed the details on the next entry into the Call of Duty series, they have moved into the future with soldiers now equiped with exo-skeletons that give you enhancements like increased speed... read more.

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Risk of Rain - New Classes
Posted 2633 days ago by Naiboss

We love Risk of Rain (see our review here) and heartly approve of anything that makes it even more awesome! While developers, Hopoo Games, are currently in the middle of moving the game from an GameMaker 8 to the new GameMaker Studio, they have made an announcement regarding one of the stretch... read more.

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Payday 2 - Crimefest
Posted 2642 days ago by Naiboss

Payday 2 has been seeing quite an influx of players in recent months, particularly since during the Steam sale, and the game has certainly changed quite a lot since it's release with a number of extra (free) heists being released alongside some DLC weapon packs. Not content to sit back and enjoy... read more.

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Steam Summer Adventure
Posted 2679 days ago by Naiboss

Just as we suspected, the Steam Summer Sale is now upon us, along with the Steam Summer Adventure! Not only are there new trading cards to collect that grant you new backgrounds, emotes and in-game items... there are now points to be 'earnt'. Everyone that either crafts a badge or clicks on the... read more.

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Watch_Dogs patch on the way
Posted 2680 days ago by Naiboss

It's been a little slow getting here but, at last, the first Watch_Dogs patch is almost here. Here is the full post on the Ubisoft forums: Hello all, Good news! We now have more information on the patches that will be deployed on WD. We apologize if you were affected by any of these issues, but we... read more.

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Peggle - On the house
Posted 2681 days ago by Naiboss

What better way to get people using Origin than to give them free stuff!  First there was Dead Space, then Battlefield 3 and Plants Vs Zombies, and now it's Peggle!  All great games, given away as part of EA's 'On The House' deal. Just head over to the Origin store before the... read more.

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Team Fortress 2 - Love and War
Posted 2681 days ago by Naiboss

The Team Fortress 2 time has reached zero and a new update is upon us! Apart from a crazy video about mutant bread, the update appears to contain co-op emotes with conga, square dance, skull crusher, flip and Rock! Paper! Scissors! Being listed, each with an achievement. Of course, this is only day... read more.

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E3 2014 - Day 3
Posted 2687 days ago by Naiboss

Things are starting to slow down on the new stuff but here are a few more and a chance to catch up on a couple of other titles: Homefront 2: The Revolution - 10 minutes of gameplay Elite: Dangerous - 400 Billion star systems... should keep you busy Shroud of the Avatar H1Z1 - Still not a great name... read more.

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GTA V PC, Xbox One and PS4 confirmed
Posted 2689 days ago by Naiboss

Finally... Rockstar have announced that GTA V will be released for PC, Xbox One and PS4 this Autumn with upgraded visuals befitting of the more powerful machines. Check out this shiny trailer:

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Dead Rising 3... on PC
Posted 2694 days ago by Naiboss

Some good news for those of us with a taste for crazy zombie-slaying games that have (so far) avoided the temptation of an Xbox One... Dead Rising 3 is heading for PC this summer! Check out the trailer below:

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Homefront Lives!
Posted 2697 days ago by Naiboss

Despite being rather short and heavily scripted, I really liked the original Homefront.  Sadly, despite selling a couple of million copies, it didn't work out too well for Kaos Studios and with THQ also now out of the picture, Crytek hold the reigns to the sequel, Homefront: The Revolution.... read more.

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14 days of Humble - Day 13
Posted 2704 days ago by Naiboss

Today's deal includes: Guncraft Ravaged Zombie Apocalypse Orc Attack: Flatulent Rebellion Head over to Humble Bundle to grab them while they are still available.

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14 days of Humble - Day 12
Posted 2705 days ago by Naiboss

Today's deal is rather an interesting one and includes: EVE Online: Starter Pack EVE Online: Vanity Pack EVE Online: PLEX Not something I would have expected, but definitely an awesome bundle! Head over to Humble Bundle to grab them while they are still available.

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14 days of Humble - Day 11
Posted 2706 days ago by Naiboss

Today's deal includes: Paper Sorcerer Legend of Grimrock Desktop Dungeons Head over to Humble Bundle to grab them while they are still available.

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14 days of Humble - Day 10
Posted 2707 days ago by Naiboss

No special sub-title on today's deal, just five indie games: Soulcaster: Book 1 & 2 Incredipede Escape Goat 2 Ironclad Tactics Head over to Humble Bundle to grab them while they are still available.

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Arkham Knight - Evening The Odds
Posted 2708 days ago by Naiboss

Rocksteady have been kind enough to release a new Batman: Arkham Knight video showing some gameplay from the up-coming game. In their own words: 'Evening the Odds' showcases Scarecrow's return to Gotham City as he schemes to unite the Rogues Gallery and destroy Batman once and for all. As the... read more.

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14 days of Humble - Day 9
Posted 2708 days ago by Naiboss

Whoops... completely missed yesterday's delights. Today's deal, however, includes: Race the Sun Guns of Icarus Online Strike Vector Head over to Humble Bundle to grab them while they are still available.

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14 days of Humble - Day 7
Posted 2710 days ago by Naiboss

Today's deal includes: Guilty Gear Isuka Vanguard Princess Blade Symphony Some awesome titles in there! Head over to Humble Bundle to grab them while they are still available.

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14 days of Humble - Day 6
Posted 2711 days ago by Naiboss

Quite a specific deal today... Hammerwatch. Pay more than $7.39 for a single copy, including the sountrack and art pack, or over $8 for a 3-pack to share with friends! Head over to Humble Bundle to grab them while they are still available.

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14 days of Humble - Day 5
Posted 2712 days ago by Naiboss

Today's deal includes: Superfrog HD Worms Blast Worms Crazy Golf Worms Pinball Worms Ultimate Mayhem Worms Clan Wars Worms Revolution Golf Alien Breed: Impact Alien Breed 2: Assault Alien Breed 3: Descent Some awesome titles in there! Head over to Humble Bundle to grab them while they are... read more.

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14 days of Humble - Day 4
Posted 2713 days ago by Naiboss

Today's deal includes: Dear Esther Capsized Awesomenauts Thomas Was Alone Little Inferno Hotline Miami Proteus Tiny & Big in Grandpa's Leftovers English Country Tune Intrusion Oil Rush That's a whole load of gaming for next to nothing! Head over to Humble Bundle to grab them while... read more.

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14 days of Humble - Day 3
Posted 2714 days ago by Naiboss

Today's deal includes: The Banner Saga The Banner Saga: Factions - Variations Pack The Banner Saga: Factions - Starter Pack The Banner Saga Artwork Head over to Humble Bundle to grab them while they are still available.

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Far Cry 4
Posted 2714 days ago by Naiboss

Almost as if they were trying to balance the bad news with some good, Ubisoft have also announced Far Cry 4 today, complete with a release date, November 20th (November 18th in the US).Moving away from the island jungles of Far Cry 3, Far Cry 4 is set in the Himalayas.  Centering... read more.

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The Division Delayed
Posted 2714 days ago by Naiboss

Sadly, Ubisoft have announced that their impressive looking new game, The Division, will be delayed into 2015.  The good news is that this is all in the name of producing a higher quality end product, so don’t be too sad.In the meantime, take a look at the video below to see why you... read more.

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14 days of Humble - Day 2
Posted 2715 days ago by Naiboss

Today’s deal includes:- X3: Terran Conflict- Universe Sandbox- Kinetic Void (Early Access)Head over to Humble Bundle to grab them while they are still available.

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14 days of Humble - Day 1
Posted 2716 days ago by Naiboss

As if having two bundles and a store wasn't enough, those lovely people over at have decided that they are going to have a new bundle EVERY DAY for the next 14 days! The first bundle is a re-bundle of the Deep Silver collection, including: - Saints Row: The Third (including... read more.

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Dying Light Release Date
Posted 2722 days ago by Naiboss

Evidently it's a day for zombie games! Hot on the heels of the Killing Floor 2 announcement, Techland have stepped up to say that the release date for their upcoming zombie holiday will now be in February 2015, a few months later than planned to allow them extra time to polish the game and ensure... read more.

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Killing Floor 2 official!
Posted 2722 days ago by Naiboss

I love Killing Floor... it is, in my opnion at least, one of the best co-op FPS games currently available.  While the Left 4 Dead series (also awesome) has tight, well polished, story-based, four player co-op zombie slaying... Killing Floor has a gritty, class-based(ish), hard-as-nails, zombie... read more.

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Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Reveal
Posted 2728 days ago by Naiboss

It's a little bit ahead of schedule thanks to numerous leaks but the next Call of Duty is now official! Set in the future it looks like we'll be enjoying hoverbikes, super-powered exoskeletons, Orca-like helicopters that can cloak and a lead performance from... Kevin Spacey! As usual, the... read more.

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See you in Hellraid
Posted 2729 days ago by Naiboss

Techland, those lovely people responsible for creating Dead Island and the soon-to-be-released Dying Light (which was pretty cool when I played it at Eurogamer) have released a new video for their new RPG, Hellraid. Now using the Chrome Engine 6, the same as Dying Light, it's looking better than... read more.

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Watch Dogs - Season Pass
Posted 2730 days ago by Naiboss

Watch Dogs isn't released yet, but that hasn't stopped Ubisoft releasing details of the season pass and future DLC! Ordinarily, annoucing DLC before the game is released would be met with some hostility over content being deliberattely 'missed out'.  Fortunately, Ubisoft appear to be heading... read more.

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Watch Dogs - Multiplayer
Posted 2736 days ago by Naiboss

I am rather excited for the release of Watch Dogs next month.  The idea of hacking, shooting and driving round such a fantastic looking open-world game.  If it plays anything like it looks, Ubisoft are on to a winner! There have been a number of videos released over the last few weeks to... read more.

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Nintendo's "WiFi connection" services shutting down
Posted 2737 days ago by KroFunk

Please note, this service shutting down only affects Nintendo DS and Nintendo Wii. The Wii U and 3DS will continue to function as normal. Nintendo's WiFi connection service has been given a lot of grief since its launch, mainly for lack of features, but no one can really complain... read more.

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Minecraft - World Customisation
Posted 2737 days ago by Naiboss

Mojang have released a video deomstrating the much anticipated world customisation feature that will be included in update 1.8. When creating a world, you have access to 16 different sliders that can alter different aspects of the terrain generator giving you complete control over things like the... read more.

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Dragon Age: Inquisition - Release Date [updated]
Posted 2738 days ago by Naiboss

The latest installment of Dragon Age, Inquisition, finally has a release date... 7th of October. It's the only date they've given so far, which is odd as it's a Tuesday, so while it would be great for everyone to get it on the same day, I won't be surprised if they move the release date to the 10th... read more.

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More Titanfall BETA
Posted 2800 days ago by KroFunk

The beta is now in full swing and open to all players... and I've been spending a fair bit of time running (and jumping... and stomping) around.  Other than the l-o-n-g-e-s-t tutorial I think I've ever seen in a first-person shooter, the game is a LOT of fun. At first, it can be a little... read more.

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Titanfall Beta!
Posted 2807 days ago by Naiboss

Titanfall, the debut title from Respawn Entertainment, is now accepting applications for it's Xbox One and PC beta test.  The test, scheduled to start on February 14th (sorry, significant others) is set to include three game modes:Attrition (team deathmatch), Hardpoint Domination and Last... read more.

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Star Citizen
Posted 2883 days ago by Naiboss

I almost feel sorry for Elite Dangerous.  Announced by David Braben, back in November 2012, people got rather excited about the return of gaming's greatest space game.  However, Elite's return came at a time when everyone was already rather excited about the spiritual sequel to a number... read more.

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GTA Online is now live... sort of
Posted 2940 days ago by Naiboss

So... GTA V has been out for a little while now (I'll be posting a review once I've finished playing through it at least once) and yesterday GTA Online went live. As expected and, to be fair, announced by Rockstar, there have been quite a lot of connection issues.  Personally, while I was able... read more.

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It's almost here...
Posted 2960 days ago by Naiboss

Less than a week to go and the Rockstar hype engine is well on it's way.  We've had quite a stead influx of information recently and, personally, I'm trying not to spend too long looking at it all.   That said, from everything I have seen or heard, GTA V is bigger and more involved... read more.

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Elder Scrolls Online also subscription-based
Posted 2982 days ago by Naiboss

Hot on the heals of Wildstar announcing that they will be going with a subscription-based business model, Elder Scrolls Online has done the same. There is no news on any in-game way to extend your game time, like C.R.E.D.D. in Wildstar, and the pricing appears to be identical to almost every other... read more.

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Wildstar to be subscription-based
Posted 2984 days ago by Naiboss

After a lot of hinting, Carbine and NCSoft have finally announced that their upcoming (and much anticipated) MMO, Wildstar, will be subscription-based. Given how other MMOs, including recent additions like Star Wars The Old Republic, have faired using the subscription model, only to turn to... read more.

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Slow Downloads in Origin
Posted 2986 days ago by Naiboss

It would seem that, since the Humble Origin Bundle was released, a lot of people are experiencing issues with Origin downloads either slowing to a crawl or freezing completely (I know I was)... well suffer no longer! A number of the threads on the official forums have been answered explaining that... read more.

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Humble? EA?!
Posted 2988 days ago by Naiboss

Yes, that's right folks... EA and Origin, those combination that everyone likes to hate (despite that they're not THAT bad), have teamed up with the crazy  Humble Bundle lot to put together possibly one of the best Humble Bundles yet. For just a single $1 you can get your hands on: - Dead... read more.

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The dust settles...
Posted 3044 days ago by Naiboss

It's been a week since E3 and the major reveals by both Sony and Microsoft and, initially it seemed like Sony had pulled the rug out from under Microsoft. Microsoft's stance of 24 hour online checks, a digital library and the inability to easily share your games outside of your immediate 'family'... read more.

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The Next Gen
Posted 3056 days ago by Naiboss

I've not posted anything about the Xbox One or the PS4 since the Xbox One reveal, mostly because there hasn't been much to talk about, just rumours and speculation, but also because there has been so many people being extremely negative about the whole thing without any real facts. Personally I was... read more.

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Deus Ex - The Fail?
Posted 3059 days ago by Naiboss

Eidos have announced that their next Deus Ex release is.... an iOS only game. Yup, that's right.  For a rather successful RPG/action franchise originally based on PC, someone over at Eidos thought it was a good idea to simplify it and restrict it's audience. I'm sure it'll be a great... but I... read more.

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Xbox One (commentary)
Posted 3074 days ago by Naiboss

Off to a good start... I'm able to stream the broadcast without any hassle (unlike the PS4 announcement). Initial clip suggests that the Xbox is going to be a more personal experience (more targeted ads?). Don Mattrick takes the stage first, giving a background to the Xbox and Xbox Live, mentioning... read more.

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Not long now...
Posted 3075 days ago by Naiboss

Just a little over 24 hours to go before Microsoft reveal their "vision" for the next generation of the Xbox.  Personally I'm quite excited and rather apprehensive about the whole thing.  Excited because it's a new console and it can't be worse than the PS4 reveal... apprehensive because,... read more.

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Stealing Thunder?
Posted 3075 days ago by Naiboss

No sooner have I posted an update on the new Xbox reveal approaching than Sony post a video teasing the PS4 looks and a further reveal at E3 on the 10th of June at 6pm PDT (11th June, 1am GMT I believe) It's a rather obvious and blantant attempt to steal a bit of Microsoft's thunder, but I'd have... read more.

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Ghosts are real?
Posted 3094 days ago by Naiboss

Another game in the Call of Duty series? Is anyone actually surprised? Probably not... but what may come as a surprise is that they'll be showing it live at the worldwide Xbox reveal on May 21st! Not only that, but they already have a release date of November 5th... could this be a hint that the... read more.

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The Bureau
Posted 3099 days ago by Naiboss

Remember that Xcom first-person shooter? The one everyone got a bit worried about because it wasn't looking very... well... Xcom.  It's had quite a troubled time since the start and disappeared a little while back causing a lot of rumours that it would probably not see the light of day...... read more.

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Posted 3101 days ago by Naiboss

It's official... the new Xbox is going to be revealed on May 21st with further details to follow at E3!  Here's the announcement from Larry Hyrb AKA Major Nelson: "On Tuesday May 21st, we’ll mark the beginning of a new generation of games, TV and entertainment. On that day, we’ll... read more.

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Epic Loot
Posted 3102 days ago by Naiboss

What do you get if you cross Diablo with Dungeon Keeper and throw in a little Orcs Must Die for good measure? Well... a rather long title for a start.  The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot, from Ubisoft, is currently in alpha and mixes up hack 'n slash combat and RPG elements with a slightly... read more.

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dEAth of the Sims (on Facebook, at least)
Posted 3110 days ago by Naiboss

Not content with upseting the players of SimCity 'proper' by introducing loads of unwanted and mostly useless social features, EA have followed up with the announcement that their actual social game, SimCity Social, will be "retired" on June 14th.  The official message, posted to the... read more.

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Battlefield 4
Posted 3129 days ago by Naiboss

EA and DICE have been teasing for a little while now, and we all knew it was coming, but the world has finally got the chance to take a look at Battlefield 4... and it didn't disappoint. At the end of this article you'll find a full 17 minutes of in-game footage taken from the single player... read more.

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Hostage down!
Posted 3132 days ago by Naiboss

I'm a huge fan of Counter-Strike... I've been playing it for as long as I remember and, alongside the original Unreal Tournament, it defined my love of FPS games. Over the years, Valve have played around the with the formula that made Counter-Strike so popular.  The changes haven't always been... read more.

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Happy Weekend!
Posted 3141 days ago by Naiboss

Stuck for something to play this weekend? No more! The first ever double XP weekend for Star Wars: The Old Republic start TODAY! It's not going to be long now till their first digital expansion is released and this double XP weekend is just the first of four to celebrate.  Seems like a perfect... read more.

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Assassin's Creed 4 [UPDATE 2 - 4th March 2013]
Posted 3155 days ago by Naiboss

It turns out that the recently leaked artwork for Assassin's Creed IV were, in fact, genuine, and the next title will be 'Black Flag'. Along with confirmation of the title, Ubisoft have said that more details will be revealed on the 5th of March, 5pm (UK time). It appears that PC, Xbox 360, PS3 and... read more.

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Diablo III - Blizzard kick up a storm
Posted 3157 days ago by Naiboss

So, with the announcement of Diablo III for PS3 and PS4, it turns out that Blizzard, despite claiming it couldn't be done, will be adding offline play for the consoles.  The interview between Geoff Keighley, John Hight (from Sony) and Chris Metzen (for Blizzard) for GameTrailers, can be seen... read more.

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Playstation 4
Posted 3163 days ago by Naiboss

It'll probably come as no surprise to hear that, last night, Sony officially announced the PlayStation 4 and it'll be arriving "Holiday 2013". That's right, despite all the rumours, there is no silly name for Sony's new console. There weren't as many details as some of us would have liked, but what... read more.

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Bungie reveal a tainted future
Posted 3165 days ago by Naiboss

After a fair amount of hype, Bungie's new first person shooter has finally been revealed. Set in a future where the arrival of an entity known as the Traveler heralded both a "Golden Age" for our civilization and an abrupt end to everything leaving realatively few survivors.  Gathered in a... read more.

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SWTOR - Game Update 1.7 is almost here
Posted 3172 days ago by Naiboss

If you're currently trying to get into SWTOR you'll find that the servers are now down for at least 5 or 6 hours but it's for a good cause, game update 1.7 is almost here. As well as introducing the anticpated Galactic Reputation System which tracks your reputation with various... read more.

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Grand Theft Auto 5 Release Date!
Posted 3184 days ago by Naiboss

Rockstar have finally announced the release date for Grand Theft Auto 5... to a rather mixed reception.  The release date, 17th September 2013, is a little later than a lot of fans were excpecting and the Rockstar page is currently filled with quite angry posts.  The official announcement... read more.

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SWTOR - Rise of the Hutt Cartel
Posted 3191 days ago by Naiboss

Bioware have released a few details and a new video for the first major expansion to Star Wars: The Old Republic. Included in the update are details of pre-order bonuses including two in-game items and a unique title shown below: - "Scourge of the Hutts" title - Makrin Seeding Mini-pet - Dr.... read more.

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Elder Scrolls Online Beta!
Posted 3193 days ago by Naiboss

It's finally here... The Edler Scrolls Online announced today that you can now apply to be part of the upcoming MMO's beta test.  Head over to and fill in as much detail as possible in order to get the best chance of participating. In case you're still... read more.

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Heroes Assemble!
Posted 3205 days ago by Naiboss

Marvel Heroes, the up coming free-to-play MMO Action RPG from Gazillion Entertainment has just announce it's 'Founders Program' allowing players to sign up, get early access to the game and unlock their favourite super hero (or three). With three different levels of founder and mutliple character... read more.

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Happy New Year!
Posted 3206 days ago by Naiboss

Happy New Year to you all... and it certainly looks like it will be if you're a Planetside 2 player thanks to a post on the official forums detailing the second major update, due on the 30th of January. Despite some of my earlier issues (and a few concerns from some of the hardcore players), the... read more.

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Humble Indie Bundle 7
Posted 3226 days ago by Naiboss

After a brief fling with THQ, Humble are now back to business as usual with the release of The Humble Indie Bundle 7... and it's a good one. If you've never heard about Humble before (where have you been) the concept is pretty simple... pay what you want for a collection of DRM-free Indie games and... read more.

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Grand Theft Rockstar
Posted 3249 days ago by Naiboss

If you've been hiding under a rock for the last couple of weeks, you may have missed the news that while the next entry in the GTA series has been confirmed for the aging Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, the future of GTA 5 on PC (and Wii U) are simply "up for consideration" according to Dan Houser,... read more.

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There goes all my money... again
Posted 3253 days ago by Naiboss

The Steam Thanksgiving Sale is now upon us.  There are some crazy savings to be had on some great titles, including the likes of Xcom: Enemy Unknown and Sleeping Dogs.  New titles are being added every day and there are ever changing flash sales so head over... read more.

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The Original Assassin
Posted 3458 days ago by Naiboss

I love the Hitman games, possibly a little too much, but I rarely manage to get through an entire level without something going wrong and the resulting chaos involving a lot of bullets, shouting and piles of bodies.  Doesn't tend to do much for my assassin credibility, but can offer a lot of... read more.

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Dungeon Crawling Strikes Back!
Posted 3493 days ago by Naiboss

If you are of a certain age (and I am) and were even remotely interested in games during the era of Atari STs and Amigas, you will have struggled not to have seen or heard about Dungeon Master.  One of the most incredible games of it's time, I lost more hours to it's dungeons that I care to... read more.

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A patch too far?
Posted 3493 days ago by Naiboss

It's been a little while coming, and it's been desperately needed and wanted, but the patch for Battlefield 3 on the PC is finally going live tomorrow... but not without some last minute unhappiness from the players after the most recent post on the Battlefield Blog revealed that special "shortcut"... read more.

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Game Over? (update 27/03/2012)
Posted 3494 days ago by Naiboss

It seems things are going from bad to worse for poor old Game UK with MCV reporting that their stock prices have reached an all-time low of 0.5p (and it may drop further).  The current rumours suggest that if they can't raise some significant cash in the next two weeks, they won't be able to... read more.

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Battlefield 3 Patch Notes
Posted 3494 days ago by Naiboss

It may only be available for the PS3 so far... but the PC and Xbox 360 patches aren't far away.  The guys at DICE have certainly been busy and there are a LOT of changes. Personally, although I will generally pick whatever class I believe my squad needs at the time, I do tend to play the... read more.

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Star Wars: The Old Republic - PTS patch notes 1.2
Posted 3501 days ago by Naiboss

Patch 1.2 was finally released for the Public Test Server at the end of last week with a LOT of changes.  Obviously, the details may change between now and the release on the live servers (that is the point of testing, after all) but they are looking pretty good so far.  There are a few... read more.

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Burnout Paradise for next to nothing...
Posted 3509 days ago by Naiboss

Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box on the PC is currently only £2.49 on Origin at the moment... awesome game for next to nothing. Head over to the Origin store now - Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box

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Stay on target...
Posted 3509 days ago by Naiboss

It's not going to be long now until the imfamous patch 1.2, "Legacy", hits the test servers and the players of Star Wars The Old Republic are finally able to see ALL of the changes.  So far, Bioware have released a few details of what to expect but not much about any class balancing or other... read more.

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That's a LOT of fixes...
Posted 3516 days ago by Naiboss

After a brief threat of a blackout by the Battlefield community, DICE/EA caved and revealed a long (but not complete) list detailing the contents of the net major patch to Battlefield 3.  As you'd imagine, there is no ETA on this patch yet but it certainly seems to answer a lot of questions... read more.

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Battlefield 3 - Major Patch
Posted 3620 days ago by Naiboss

DICE have literally just finished their maintenance for the Battlelog and the new PC patch is now  available.  The Xbox 360 and PS3 patches will be live once they've passed through the certification  process.  In the meantime, here are the patch notes:  Major client update... read more.

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And the winner is... WTF?!
Posted 4606 days ago by Naiboss

So... last night was was the BAFTA Video Game awards and a number of high profile (and some not-so-high profile) games were looking to pick up an award (or three). I've read a few complaints in the past about how the BAFTAs are awarded for films but I didn't quite expect the games to suffer... how... read more.

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